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5-axis CNC machined precision stainless steel parts

5-axis CNC machined precision stainless steel parts

    • 5-axis CNC machined precision stainless steel parts
    • 5-axis CNC machined precision stainless steel parts
    • 5-axis CNC machined precision stainless steel parts
  • 5-axis CNC machined precision stainless steel parts


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    5-axis CNC machined precision stainless steel parts for automation equipment, Noble is a factory in CNC machining of robot parts, aluminum alloy parts and other material parts. We have professional equipment, team and technology. Welcome to visit our factory.

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    Product Description

    5-axis CNC machined precision stainless steel parts

    Matel Material: SUS 304
    Manufacturing Process: DMG 5-axis CNC
    Finish Treatment: Remove all burrs and break sharp edged
    Difficulties & Highlights: high accuracy requirement , complicated structure
    Size Customer’s 3D/2D drawing
    Brand name Noble cnc Machining
    Palace of origin Shenzhen, China (mainland)

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    Noble CNC Service Include


    Main service 1, Structure design optimization;
    2, CNC machining: to make medium & low volume metal parts
    3, Rapid prototyping: CNC, 3D printing(SLA, SLS);
    Also we can provide following service to meet your demand;
    Rapid Tooling, die-casting, Extrusion molding , Silicone mold vacuum casting, etc.
    Drawings format 3D: step/stp, igs, prt , sld,etc.
    2D:.dwg . pdf. cdr . ai, other pictures format.
    3D software Pro-e (Creo)
    Solid works
    2D software AutoCAD
    Adobe Illustrator
    Plastic Material: ABS, acrylic/PMMA, PP(Polypropylene),PC(Polycarbonate),PU(Polyurethane),POM(Delran,Acetyl),PVC, PE(Polyethylene), PA(Nylon, Polyamide) PEEK(Polyetheretherketone), Chemical Wood ,etc;
    Metal Material: aluminum, aluminum - magnesium alloy, aluminum - zinc alloy, copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel,SUS303, SUS304, 45 steel, iron, Galvanized steel sheet, sheet metal, SPCC, etc;
    Manufacture process 1. CNC Machining Center: Milling, drilling, turning, threading, tapping, boring, facing, spotting, counter boring

    2. CNC Milling: High precision milling, numerical control carving and milling, CNC engraving and milling

    3. CNC Bending: Bending-High precision seamless bending, sheet metal bending

    4. CNC Punching: Punching/stamping-High precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

    5. Welding: GMAW Welding, MIG Welding, Laser welding

    6. Laser cutting: High precision cutting

    7. Molding/Tooling: Rapid Tooling, die-casting, Extrusion molding, Silicone mold vacuum casting, etc.

    8. 3D printing: SLA,SLS,FDM
    Surface treatment 1. Mirror anodizing: By buffing and anodizing process to form mirror like finish

    2. Common anodizing: Anodizing layer=10um ,color can be customized

    3. Hard anodizing: Anodizing layer≥40um ,color can be customized

    4. Drawing/brushing: By brushing and chemical process to form shining with line

    5. Oil /Baking Paint: Color can be customized

    6. Powder coating: Form a thick layer protect the surface, good corrosion resistance

    7. Polishing: Finish of aluminum itself ,shine metal

    8. Electrophoresis: Based on anodized process, an extra transparent film makes the surface clearer and look bit of shining ,good corrosion resistance

    9. Sand blasting: Making the surface roughness and cleanliness ,improves the fatigue resistance and adhesion strength of the artifacts

    10. Other finish treatment: grinding, screen printing, pad printing, laser engraving, electroplating, UV coating, etc.

    11. Note: Please give us the details as possible as you can. Such as the colors standard(with Panton numbers or CMYK&RGB numbers), the size of sandblasting, the size and the location that you want for screen-printing, etc.If you don`t know how to prepare them, please contact us for help.
    Quality control: 100% inspection on critical dimensions.
    Delivery: DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, EMS etc.
    Management idea: Quality first, customer satisfaction.
    Our advantage 1. Quick response: we will response once we get your inquiry, then provide cost within 1hour.

    2. Low price: We can offer you the lowest price in the same quality

    3. Complex parts: Good at machining parts with complicated curved surfaces

    4. Perfect quality: Strictly control the machining and finish treatment quality, what you will get is what you designed.

    5. Accurate delivery: Finish the parts in time to provide the strongest support for your R&D projects

    6. Rich experience: More than 10 years of professional machining and rapid prototyping experience, provide you with the most professional and effective advice

    7. Professional team: Efficient and honest technical and service team, let you enjoy 24H professional services

    8. Fully equipped: Perfect supply chain, complete processes, one-stop solution to all requirements


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    Ansprechpartner: Alex

    Telefon: 86-18012365661

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